Queen Anne Hill Simian

Strange Animals




12 years ago, my husband and I bought our first home in Seattle. His grandmother flew in to see it. She stayed a week. On our last night, she wanted to go to the 5 Spot. We took grandma and the family in town to her chosen restaurant. My husband and I had one beer each with dinner. Grandma was flying out the next morning and Uncle Steve said he would drive her to Sea-Tac. We parted ways and headed back to our new home. It was a rainy September night. I was driving in my new city. Going down Queen Anne Ave was slow. It was raining so I had to take caution. Half way down I slammed on my breaks. I panicked. What the hell just ran in front of my car? We are at the bottom of the hill at the light. I really didn’t want to address this but a large animal ran in front of my car! I look at my husband an ask him, “ Did you see that!!”!! Without hesitation he said, “you mean the monkey wearing a diaper that ran in front of the car?”. I felt so validated. Yeah!!! The freakin monkey in a diaper that ran in front of my car! Thank God I wasn’t alone in this car! We head up a side street to drive back down QueenAnne Ave. We parked at the spot the monkey ran into in front of us. As we walk over to the area we realize it’s a green belt. The monkey in a diaper had to have ran into the green belt. For the rest of the week I watched the news to see if a monkey had escaped the Woodland Park Zoo. My husband and I still talk about this whenever we are driving in the rain or down QueenAnne Ave.

Submitted by Kelly W.