Doppelgänger on the 70

Time Distortions




I’m on the 70 on Eastlake heading downtown. A guy runs past on the sidewalk, obviously trying to reach the next bus stop before we do. He’s able to catch up and boards, out of breath–and I notice that he’s wearing the wireless iPhone ear pods and I wonder how they stayed in his ears while he ran. He walked past me down the aisle and out of my mind.

Many blocks later, we come to Denny and another stop–and this same guy–same shirt, same face, same ear pods–runs up and boards again, but from ahead of the bus this time, not from behind! It’s not as if we were making lots of turns and he just circled the block to catch up with us. I don’t know where he got off the first time and how he got ahead of the 70 to get back on again at a later stop and it’s weird and I can’t figure it out and it’s driving me nuts!

Submitted by mwd.