Discovery Park Encounter

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Discovery Park Encounter

My friend and I went for a walk in Discovery Park one night. Shortly after entering through a side street, we saw a barefoot, clean-shaven man with short, light blonde hair and a dated brown pea coat. He was sitting on a short wooden fence post and reading a big hardback book with no cover. As we passed by him, he looked up slowly from the book and watched us. We greeted him with a quick smile but he didn’t respond. His formal posture and intense stare were unusual. His head turned smoothly as he watched us, but his neck and body seemed to remain still. We saw him again when we left the park, still sitting upright on the wooden post, holding his heavy book with both hands up near his chest. It’s difficult to describe the eerie feeling we felt that made us wonder if we were in the presence of a ghost. The park was once Fort Lawton. Perhaps he was a soldier stationed there.

Submitted by Anonymous.