White Center UFO Sighting

Classic UFO




I was driving home from Home Depot heading south on Delridge in West Seattle one night with my girlfriend, and saw a flying object that was coming in hot at a 45 degree angle. It looked like it had a little tail behind it and on fire, but the flame was white and didn’t leave any smoke behind. I said “Look!” and my girlfriend said, “I see it”. Right before it was lost in the horizon of buildings and trees, it started to straighten out so it wasn’t going to crash as hard.

It was the same direction as Seatac so I thought it might have been a plane. Then I thought of the white flame and that there was no sound. We were within a half mile of the object and thought for sure that we would have heard something if it had crashed. We also didn’t see any smoke. It was very weird.

Submitted by Jared.