A UFO at the Races

Classic UFO




… On the last race day of the season in 2017, between races on the second or third to last race there was a small craft on fire floating silently towards the ground at about a 30 degree angle. It was round and the flame was blue. The flame circled the round craft, kinda how the blue ring circles an Amazon Echo when it is booting up. The light blue fiery ring circled around it and there was no smoke. It floated slowly and was only about a quarter mile away on the other side of the track. It was heading north and I lost it once it passed the track. It should have crashed within seconds after losing it but I never heard a thing.

I was with my fiancee and 2 of my neighbors and they all saw it too. I’m sure half the people at the track saw it too. Later that night on the news, there was a report of a meteor that was seen close to the Earth. No way it was a meteor. It was going way too slow, it was too big (at least a 10 foot diameter disc), and it couldn’t have burned up that fast because it didn’t get any smaller.

Submitted by Jared.