Counting Crows (Not the Band)

Strange Animals




I was offered a job through an ex, in which I was relieved to have…Lord knew I needed the money. I was so happy and excited to start working again.

It was a hot breezy day in Seattle. I took the bus from Chinatown (Industrial District) early in the morning to Eastlake. Arriving early we got to work. My job was home improvement/landscape type business. I was in charge of spraying the fences. My boss had to leave in the middle of the day to pick up his father from the SeaTac airport. I was just working as usual when a crow was spotted above me circling the house I was working on. It became getting lower and lower to me. At first I thought it was just my imagination then another crow and another crow added to the gang. I was thinking to myself, I just got a good job, I can’t let my paranoid thoughts get the best of me. Then, the crows start swooping in on me. Like trying to take peck at me. I got totally freaked the F out and ran inside the clients home and on to the roof where we had a second project going in for the rooftop balcony. From the balcony there was entry to the attic. I got inside the attic and called my boss telling him I was being attacked by crows. He tells me to calm down, he is [on] his way. I’m inside the attic for this entire time waiting on him. When he gets there he’s with his father and they are telling me there is no crows trying to “attack me. My boss let me go and called my ex-partner telling him I was on medication and if I forgot to take my meds.

I’m not on meds and at the time I was so happy go lucky I wasn’t on this paranormal shit. But something happened that day for me to believe the crows more than the humans.

Submitted by Tyson K.