The Rivoli Ghosts

Straight Up Ghosts




One morning about a decade ago, I saw a ghost in one of my many Belltwown studio apartments. These rooms are tiny and from where I was laying in the trundle bed I saw a blurred figure of a man in doorway of the kitchen. As my sight focused I began to realize I was fully alert and staring at a man in 1920s style clothing. He was wearing vest, tie, and overcoat with finger-waved hair. He stared contemplatively out the window over the sink. My gf was asleep next to me facing the other way so I knew I would have to wake her to see this. I elbowed her and as she began to turn, the man looked straight at my face and blinked out. She wasn’t able to see him. As he disappeared it looked like the turning off of an old tube television where the image shrinks into a sparkle and fades with the little bits of light glittering away. I really wished she could’ve seen him but if you ask her about this story she will tell you it was the seriousness in my voice that convinced her I was not lying or joking. This building on 2nd and Blanchard in Belltown is very haunted, and this isn’t the only time I personally experienced ghostly activity (faucets turning on and off, dishes being thrown, blue light entities).

Submitted by Seth.