The In Arts NW

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts




But first, a back story as I was informed by the founders: The In Arts NW is (soon will be was) a large artist collective live-work abode w/ a fluctuating number of 20-30 inhabitants. The original structure is a turn of the century Victorian-lite style house. Sometime in the 1960’s an area mental health organization bought this property, using the house as its front offices then constructing an attached two story dormitory annex w/ a full basement on the north portion of the land. The basement was used as a cafeteria complete w/ kitchen facilities. It’s unclear but this mental health organization may have operated this property until the late 90’s/early 00’s.

November 2010 I moved into The In and began renting out a ground level room. Due to the shared living nature of this collective each resident was assigned a refrigerator, 3 of the 4 fridges being located in the basement. The exact date is unknown but during the early winter of 2011 I had what I consider to be a harrowing encounter w/ a dark spirit(?)… menacing energy(?)… a ghost(?)…

During the early morning hours I awoke in my bed in my room. I was thirsty. I had water nearby but my body craved calories. From my room I walked thru the annex to the front house to access the basement where my refrigerator was. I remember thinking the house was unususlly quiet and dark. Living in a space w/ 20-30 people usually someone is always up, usually faint music or video sounds can be heard, usually some lights are kept on… But all was still… This was an unusual night. And I thought nothing more of it.

Entering the faintly-lighted basement and walking thru our laundry room to my refrigerator I had no premonition of what was to come. I opened the fridge and retrieved my carton of grapefruit juice. I stood there with the door open and took a couple swigs. I put the carton away and as I closed the door I was overcome w/ a feeling I had only experienced twice before in my 29 yrs.

Dark energy was in arms reach and in a nanosecond I felt the hair on my scalp pull back, the hair on my arms stand up, the shaft of my penis recoil, the rate of my heart increase, and the fight-or-flight lizard brain area of my cranium activate out of primal survival fear.

I took flight. I high-tailed it out of the refrigerator room, thru the laundry room, up the basement stairs w/ the unmistakable feeling of dark energy keeping at heels. I proceeded to bee-line thru the living room then down the long corridor toward my room w/ that dark energy keeping on my back. I darted into my room, turned to close and lock the door, and stood hyperventilating while whispering something along the lines of “Leave me be.”

In quick hindsight I realized that feeling of dark energy on my back dissipated shortly before I reached my room’s door and a wash of calmness helped me regain my bearings as I no longer felt threatened.

Submitted by “Legg.”