Illahee Preserve Hijinks

High Weirdness, Thin Places




(At times i look at people and can see somthing else like tge the character in the tv show grim) one day i was walking through the park saw a short dark disheveld man pokeing through the the underbrush said he was looking for mushrooms i saw a dwarh further up trail meet a a tall blue eyed man picking berries we talked about them while we were talking he kept useing words that are not currently used in common vocabulary i was talking with a elf . Anotger time tjere is a small circular clearing with only one way in or out,there was a girl in the center with no shirt on and her back was to the opening she was singing (lovely voice) and playing guitar i went on a little way more sat and listend but where i see if anybody went in or out,when she stoped playing and singing I said ‘why did quit ?’ After a little bit i went and looked no one was there and would have heard it if anyone tried to break through the brush or seen a sign of it
( this is not the only occurance ive had with this phenom ive also seen rock giants,orcs,aliens and saw the voice of a harpy? no specfic place just in public)

Submitted by Mike A.