The Malevolent Witch of Fauntleroy Park

Dark Forces, Thin Places




My 6yo son and I took our puppy to Fauntleroy Park (of Fairy Village fame) to leave an offering of a small, yellow motorcycle for the Parking Fairy, to thank it for all of the great parking we’ve found lately. While we’re walking down the trail, two massive black dogs seemed to manifest from nowhere and charged the puppy. He was terrified, and tried to run for cover, but ended up wrapping my son in his leash and dragging him down the trail on his front and knees. A third dog that looked half-wolf tore by, followed by their “owner,” a haggard-looking old woman in all-grey. While I tried to comfort my kid, who was covered in scratches and bruises and skinned knees, I suggested maybe she should keep her dogs on a leash. Her only response was to say “yeah, maybe,” in a cruel voice, and keep walking. No “sorry,” no “is your son/dog okay?”

She disappeared down the trail, crossing a small creek. My son was concerned he wouldn’t be able to leave his offering to the fairy, so we kept going in the opposite direction for about 15 minutes. Kiddo was feeling too freaked out and hurt, though, so we ended up leaving the motorcycle in the hollow of a strange looking tree, hoping it would find its way to the Fairy Village.

We turned back, and went about 25 feet, and suddenly one of the black dogs appeared on the trail again! My son hid behind me and I shouted “GET OUT OF HERE!” at the dog. From somewhere ahead, we could hear the old woman call the dog– her voice sounded disembodied. It turned around and left, so we moved forward. I scouted ahead, and the woman and the dogs had completely vanished! There was no sign of them anywhere else on the trail the entire time.

It’s obvious that the dogs were familiars, and the woman was some kind of malevolent witch. Not sure if she was trying to keep us from the Fairy Village, or just didn’t like kids, or we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but next time we go back I’m bringing extra “protection” for sure.

Submitted by JVP.