Misplaced Mojo Bag

Dark Forces, High Weirdness




My roommate and I picked up a bunch of stuff this man was putting on the curb in front of a house down 32nd Ave, including a really big old trunk. When we got it home and were cleaning the debris out of it my friend found what looked to be a hex or gris gris bag – a little cloth tied up with twine with something inside. We didn’t open it, just grabbed some salt and dashed across the road where we buried it under the [LOCATION REMOVED TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL CURSES]  at the top of the Golden Gardens stairs. I salted the earth and said no bad juju was allowed to follow us home. Later our other roommate told us the reason that house was getting emptied out was that the old woman who owned it just died. We saged everything just to be on the safe side.

Submitted by Robin.