Spooky Noise at Old Brewery

Straight Up Ghosts




Last week I was touring a space in Seattle’s “Old Rainier Brewery”. The landlord and I had walked through the space once and I decided that I should go again and make a video of it for my reference. He and I were the only two in the space. You can hear a loud click-bang noise as I’m about to enter the room where the sound originated. The door you see in the room was locked and has been sealed for over 20 years and there is no one on the other side of any walls to that room. There was nothing on the floor that I stepped on and the landlord was at the other end on the phone. Thoughts?

For the record, I showed the clip to the landlord and he unlocked the door and we both pried it open to see what was back there and it was an old abandoned stairwell between buildings that had been sealed off. Very creepy space.

Submitted by Michael.