West Seattle Horned Horror

Cryptoids, Dark Forces



I would classify my experience as a “Dark Force”…I was driving from my home on 34th ave. S.W. in West Seattle, south on 34th when after a couple of blocks I noticed on my left, standing in front of a garage of a house a creature, standing upright on two legs with a hairy face and two pairs of horns, one set emerging from his forehead and turning upright and another set coming out of his mouth area and turning downward. His other features were mostly obscured by hair… shaggy brownish beardlike. It took me a few seconds to register what I had just seen and I stopped the car and grabbed my phone to try a take a picture. Rather than back up, I chose to make a quick round trip and then approach him like I did before. I went as fast as I could looping around in less than a minute, but as I suspected he was gone. I spent time driving around the neighborhood just in case he was walking around, but no further sightings. I keep an eye out everytime I pass this house. It creeped me out totally and I told a very few number of people and heard myself sounding like a complete idiot but now I get to tell the story…thank you.

Submitted by Chris B.