Fridge Kitty





Starting back in 1996 when I was in college in St. Paul Minnesota, I have been having encounters with a spiritual presence I have come to affectionately call “Fridge Kitty”. Fridge Kitty first made him or herself known in my dorm room at Hamline University: a small calico cat ran from one corner of my cat-free dorm room and disappeared straight into my mini fridge. After that, Fridge Kitty appeared in nearly every house or apartment I lived in for the next eleven or twelve years. He or she would change size, shape, and color, but was always a spectral cat that would dart out from nowhere and disappear into a wall or piece of furniture, or sometimes thin air. Right around 2009, when I moved into a house with my, now, husband, Fridge Kitty stopped visiting. We moved out to the West Coast in 2012, staying on Whidbey Island for a year and then bought the house we are currently living in, just outside of White Center. About a week after moving in: Fridge Kitty strolled through the living room and on into the wall. He is a brown tabby now.

Submitted by Julia.