Crow Escort

Strange Animals




There was a crow that I used to refer to as my crow friend. It had a scratch on it’s beak, which was how I always knew it was the same crow. I would walk to the Joann where I worked at the time. Often I would stop at McDonald’s and grab a one dollar burger on the way. I would eat half and leave half for my crow friend. I had one day that there was a group of crows in the parking lot. I wanted to leave my half of a burger for that specific crow. I waited a minute until only that crow seemed to be paying attention to me, then I left the remnants of my burger in an empty shopping cart and went to work. About an hour in to my shift, I was putting things away near a window. My crow friend walked in front of the window, then quickly flew away and came back with the empty burger wrapper. Shortly after, it started following me home and would circle in the air while I walked to work. After about of week of this, I came out and my crow friend had a second crow waiting to walk me to work. A few days later and I was being escorted to work by at least 5 crows, sometimes as much as 8. They knew when I normally left for work and would wait for me. They would avoid my back yard though. There were two huge crows who lived had claimed the yard as their territory. My husband would call them Hugen and Munen because of their size and the fact they would protect the yard and anyone who inhabited the house- including the pets. The cats? They never bothered these two crows.

Submitted by Megan.