Colman Pool Experience





I was sucked deep into the forest by a force far greater than the responsibility of boarding rapid rise to the south lake union office. I walked in the path and soon discovered my pantyhose were animated enemies and needed immediate removal. In the mud I tore them off like an animal and found eggs in my briefcase I had not put there. I crushed the eggs over my midsection, replacing pantyhose protection with a viscous unborn chicken membrane. In my skirt suit but now filthy and shoeless, I found my way downhill to the pool, where a whistling male voice hollered from the water slide “Sluice here! Portal to a safer dimension! Aquatic rescue!” I paid my daily fare, pretended my jockey underwear tank top set was a tankini, and boarded the chute to Other, where I’ve remained. A child hated me for skipping the line then asked to be taught how to slide so heavy and splash so hard. It was easy to teach him.

Submitted by: Gabi.