Astral Travel in Bothell

Visions, Dreams, Etc.




As a dreamer… I had a lot of dark collective work to do the four years I lived in Seattle. The story I want to share is, by the time 2004 came around, I have had a lot of lucid, then astral travel and then full out of body experiences. One night I decided to leave my apartment (which I rarely did when I was out of body), to go down to the local park where I lived in Bothell, WA.

I flew over there and landed by the playground. It was around 10 pm and I saw there was a bunch of teenagers at the picnic benches drinking beer. I just there looking at them, not expecting them to see me. All of a sudden a few of them got up, threw there beers down and ran. I looked at them strangely thinking, what are they looking at, as I turned around to see behind me.

I realized at that moment I was in my astral body (white luminous ghostly looking figure) and thought, oh… they think I am a ghost. Some of them were pointing there fingers at me scared to death, thinking I was a dead ghost. Then they were all gone and I continued on my walk around the park along the water and then went home. And sat up in my body awake and thought, they all have stories to tell now .

Of course they thought I was a dead ghost… hahahhaha

Phoenix of Elder Mountain