Turned Around in Bellevue

High Weirdness, Time Distortions




I needed to walk from the Plaza Center to Bellevue Mall. I’ve been to the mall, and I’ve been to the Plaza Center many times and I knew that the mall was across the street and and a few blocks down. I left the Plaza Center and crossed the street immediately. Two or three blocks later, I looked across the street and saw that the Bellevue Mall was across the street. Confused, I crossed the street and entered the mall. I was in the mall for around thirty minutes. I left the mall to walk back to the Plaza Center through the same door I entered through. I walked three blocks down the street without crossing to the other side. When I reached the Plaza Center, I was on the wrong side of the street. Tl:dr I crossed the street three times and ended up on the side I started on. High Weirdness

Submitted by: E