Fauntleroy Park

High Weirdness, Strange Animals, Thin Places



I walked in this park nearly everyday between 2004 and 2016. The ‘fairy village’ has the strongest vibe. One time, just as I entered this well defined area a black (or very dark brown, (it was dawn)) owl touched me on the back of my head and then perched on a low branch of a nearby tree and just stared at me. I got out of there quickly.

Another day just as I reached the intersection of two trails (shortly after leaving the fairy village) I heard some small bird activity that caused me to look up and to my left. An owl was staring at me on a low branch just ten feet from me. I really enjoyed this close encounter. The next day as I passed the same spot I was astonished to discover that the branch that the owl was perched on no longer existed.

Submitted by: Daniel B.