All-Father Sighting




It’s well known that Odin, the all-father of norse mythology frequently visits midgard. Often in the guise of a destitute or homeless old man. One day not more than 2 months ago I was wrapping up a much needed day at the beach. My life was in complete cinders, and i spent the day reflecting and asking the old gods for guidance. As I was trudging with my gear back to car I see an old man sitting on a log. He was wearing a white shirt, khakis and a brown jacket. He had long white hair, and a beard to match. He was wearing a wide brimmed hat and a black eyepatch over his right eye. He had in his hand a long walking stick. Nothing about this man’s attire was extraordinary. All of it was rather plain. Even the stick. As I looked over at him i froze. Mid stride. His gaze met mine and all I could feel was an overwhelming calm. I was looking into the face of the all-father. Nothing could convince me otherwise. He looked at me, and offered a small wave and a knowing smile. I waved back, and returned to my walk. As I arrived at my car I looked to the west. Across the water, over the Olympic mountains a brilliant rainbow had formed. It was a day I will remember forever.

Submitted by: Justin