Visitor in Orange

Time Distortions


A couple years ago I went to get my ID renewed and another copy of my social- the buildings around 2nd ave are older brick buildings and there’s always a hussle and bustle in the area. I went to the social security building first. And really admired the place for its age. It seemed like a place with a lot of history. And I admittedly felt like I was in a different era.

Here’s the strange part- as I’m crossing the intersection I see a man in an orange suit that seemed to belong to a different era. I remember his outfit struck me as it didn’t quite seem to stick out as it could almost blend in but there was an off quality.

Now this might seem silly.. but this gentleman literally disappeared into the crowd after giving me a slight smile. There was something about the look in his eye like a secret. I just knew he was a time traveler. I wrote a poem about the incident in my journal. I mean maybe it was just a stranger who I lost in a crowd.. but that incident always struck me for there was something in that moment that just felt like it was of a special case.

I know if I was a time traveler.. I’d visit Seattle.

Submitted by Jackie