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Time Distortions


Experiences of ‘deja vu’, meeting oneself from alternate timelines, and other paranormal activity heavy in this location.

Feb 15, 2006

” I think I might have seen a ghost (or something)! I was in the kitchen drowning one of my salad’s with nutritional yeast, and as I turned up to my left I had this quick flash of someone looking right at me, only a few feet off. It was so quick and
scary—I screamed up to my roommate twice and then ran upstairs! I’ve never had
an experience like that before, though the past year or so I’ve become more
engrossed in paranormal stories— so I am wondering how much of that talk is
manifesting itself in my reality. People in my house have started talking about
seeing things, or dreaming of people that live in the house and I wonder how
that is influencing me. One of my old roommates Brett even had this reoccurring
dream about a little girl who would come and scratch his arms violently!

The weirdest thing for me was that I felt that the person looking at me, WAS me. My first instinct was fright, but I also knew instinctually that it was me that I
was looking at. I didn’t tell anyone else in the house that, (and I am just
realizing that it may be because that doesn’t exactly fit the mythology that is
developing around the phenomena happening in my house). I should probably let
everyone in on the fact that that’s what my intuition felt. But it doesn’t make
any sense, how the hell could it have been ME I was seeing? “

Submitted by: Garrett Kelly