Stuck in Time?

Time Distortions


A few years back I used to be a CSR helping out at Cafe 43 on the Microsoft campus. Every day when I left, like around 3 or 4pm, this guy would get on the bus with us. I swear to god he was some sort of time traveler. He wore archaic clothes, and always had a long sweeping coat on, even when my fellow mortals and I would be sweating like crazy. He had a cane/umbrella thing he carried, and a briefcase or something, also super old styles. He was white, thin and wiry, with a beard and long flowing blonde/light brown hair.
He never spoke, just got on the bus and went with us to downtown Seattle on the 545. I saw him all the time, even got a picture. and he was very mysterious. I saw him maybe a year after that job ended, and he was walking in downtown Seattle with a super modern woman, holding hands and smiling, still with the cane and old outfit. I think he got stuck here in this time or something, but ended up finding true love in our present and went with it.

Submitted by Nattie N.