Washington Park Playfield Ley Line Power Center

Strange Animals, Thin Places



One of the power centers identified by the Geo Group when they used dousing to map the ley lines of Seattle back in the 80s. I went to the spot, made offerings to the local land spirits, and did a small ritual to draw the energy from the earth into my body. The results were surprisingly quite potent, though it’s hard to qualify exactly how. I will note that after I left the spot, I felt very lightheaded and everything seemed more brightly lit (though it was late in the day). I was also left with a general sense of calm and euphoria. During my ritual, there was a strange singing coming from the bushes – probably another human being, but who knows. The animals in the area were also behaving strangely. A squirrel was slinking around strangely on the playground, a rabbit got so close to my 5 year old that she could almost touch it, and two crows seemed unusually still and were walking back and forth in a weird way. The whole place also had an eerie sereneness to it.

Submitted by Yex.