The Space Needle; Wedgwood Rock

Dark Forces, Thin Places, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



In [a] trance, I left my body and started to go towards Wedgwood Rock (a super cool and holy power site in the city, definitely worth inclusion on the map in general), a place I have visited and worked with magically on numerous occasions, both in trance and waking life. At the last minute, though, I decided to go to the Space Needle instead. I arrived at the Needle, and a mysterious figure told me to turn back, that this was a place of evil. I ignored the warning, and found myself on top of the Needle. Up there with me were a band of sorcerers, and they bid me to sit in a pot of boiling water. For some reason I obliged, and they started circling me, chanting spells in an alien language and drumming. At some point I realized that this was sketch city, so with the help of one of my guides, I left. Before I left, I looked back over my shoulder, and as I did, one of the sorcerers fired some sort of projectile at me, which lodged in the left side of my neck, and caused great discomfort.

Afterwards, my guide brought me to my original destination of Wedgwood Rock, and the spirit of the rock, along with my guides and some other spirits, performed a healing ceremony on me, in which the thing in my neck was removed. As I was leaving to return to my body, my guide basically told me that I’m an idiot and to never do that again, and in particular that it was not safe to journey to that place from my own home.

I had always really dug the space needle and kind of regarded it as modern spiritual hub of the city. The experience ungrounded that assumption, and left me kind of shaken in general, but at least the bad vibes I got at the needle were sharply contrasted with the ancient healing energy of the rock.

Submitted by Yex.