Rose Garden Magic

Thin Places, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



On a recent visit to the Woodland Park Rose Garden, I remembered reading on the Geo Group’s website that this was one of the power spots that they identified when they mapped Seattle’s ley lines int he 80s. I didn’t know the exact spot of the power site (they used dousing to determine this), but I sat near the fountain and did a small ritual to draw the energy of the earth into my body. I experienced the same potency that I had encountered when I had done this at the power spot at the arboretum – strong physical sensations of energy flooding through my body, euphoria, serenity, ecstasy. Afterwards I was very lightheaded. In the background, I could hear the Violent Femmes playing a concert at the zoo. \n\nBefore doing the ritual (and before I had remembered that this was one of the spots from the ley line map) there was a strange encounter with a large rabbit that allowed my 5-year-old to get very close to it. After the ritual, I went to the zoo parking lot to smoke a cigarette, and a crow flew over my head, so close that I could feel it woosh by my scalp. The crows were acting strangely in general – some were going mad with cawing at anyone who passed by, yet others seemed strangely subdued, and were walking very close to me. These animal encounters were reminiscent of my experiences at the other power site.

Submitted by Yex.