A Tree

Strange Animals


A psychic called back my pet to my home. She asked only for a picture of my cat and no other information. As she stared at his picture, she began to look through his eyes, as him. She simply looked at google maps of a 5 block radius in every direction of my home to track him through looking at his view of the world. She pointed out specific trees, fences, patches of grass and garages that he had stopped by or had found interest in. She pointed at a specific tree which is at the corner of 16th ave south and south forest st in Seattle, WA. She says he had sat at this tree while lost and that he liked it there. She told him he should come back home, and gave him directions as to from this tree. She said hes probably next to the garage of the house next to this tree at the moment. Four hours after speaking to this psychic, I pulled in my driveway to see my cat sitting on my porch. He still stares out the window at this tree.

Submitted by: Dylan Spencer