A Ghost Story

Straight Up Ghosts



A ghost story: about 25 years ago, we bought a restaurant at the foot of Madison park. When we were in pre-remodeling phase, I was upstairs doing office work one evening and I heard footsteps walk across the wood floor in the rooms next to me. Startled, I asked if someone was there, and the footsteps stopped. A few minutes later, I heard them again. I got the courage up and checked. No one was there. Other strange occurrences happened over the years, all upstairs. Employees, checking out would see a woman staring at them. Thinking she was a customer, they would ask if she needed help and she would vanish.noises like furniture moving were often heard before service. I came into my (locked) office one morning and saw my name written over and over again on my computer. One of my waiters said he had lived in the Park a while and would walk by seeing a woman looking at him off the top deck. creepy stuff. I never felt comfortable alone in that place.

Sumbitted by Sumitra D.