Sandwich from Hell

Dark Forces


2009 – Ballinger Way NE in Lake Forest Park

One night in 2009 I was waiting for a bus on Ballinger Way NE in Lake Forest Park by myself. When the bus arrived, I boarded and went to the back. No one else was on it. Seemingly out of nowhere, three other people who had not been waiting at the stop with me got on and sat right next to me.

They seemed really agitated and kept saying, “Are you ready for this? Are we ready to do this?” while glancing around nervously. The woman dug around in her bag fervently. I started to feel like something bad was going to happen.She then pulled a Subway sandwich out of her bag and one of her friends said, “There it is!”

“Oh,” I thought. “I’m a jerk for thinking I was going to get robbed when really they were just preparing to eat a sandwich together.”

She then put the sandwich on her lap, unwrapped it, and opened it up. Inside, mixed in with the lettuce and mustard, were three individually wrapped moist towelettes. As her companions eagerly looked on, she took the moist towelettes out, pushed the sandwich to the floor of the bus, and they used the moist towelettes to clean their rain jackets. The sandwich remained on the floor. It had merely been a vessel for their moist towelettes.

Submitted by: SWR