Mystical Dead Cat

High Weirdness, Strange Animals



WARNING: Video contains image of a dead cat.

March 25, 2009. “I took my camera to work the day before Easter and on a whim Jake and I decided to go down to Golden Gardens on the Puget Sound, and have ourselves an old fashioned mystical journey. Jake said that it was his intention to be reborn that night, and to try and start anew,with a fresh outlook on life. Just as he said those words we came across quite a startling scene. There, lying in front of us, completely unexpected, a dead cat in the rain. It was a dark brown, completely soaked and strangely unreal. It was up on the grass, and even weirder, there was a car with its headlights on, shining directly on the cat. There was no one inside the car. The scene seemed staged. Numerous drunk cars came speeding past us and doing donuts in nearby parking lots. This was actually a relief because after the frickin’ dead cat I was expecting a full on Men in Black encounter. But unless the MIB have traded in their eerily square style and are into doing the whole dukes of hazzard asshole guy thing, then I am pretty sure it was all nice and mundane. We got to the secret beach to find the dying coals of a small bonfire, and I collected a few pieces to put in the flame to get it roaring again. We drank some wine and Jake took all his clothes off. Without warning he handed me his pants and sprinted for the water and I chased after him in the dark. In the rest of the footage, the only thing you can see is the black—and the only sound is the water slapping against the beach and jake yelling: “I am an unwavering band of light, and I will be…. til I die…. and maybe even after” as he dunked himself in the freezing ass Puget Sound.